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My name is Oscar Soltero. I’m a Floortime/inclusion specialist dedicated to providing an array of services including DIR/Floortime consultation in the home and school, teacher/parent trainings, school/community-based inclusion support, social skills training and play based therapy. Consultation and direct services are offered to schools, families and adolescents experiencing developmental delays, sensory processing dysfunction, behavioral challenges, social-emotional difficulties, difficulty with peer interactions, and children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD. Consultation services are developmentally, and relationship based, focusing on a child’s strengths, recognizing family/individual differences and facilitating positive child/family dynamics. Services are also offered in Spanish with adaptability in a variety of multicultural and diverse settings.


My journey in this field started while attending UC Berkeley, I provided mental health services to teenage males in the San Leandro Juvenile facility. I also worked at local elementary schools in Oakland providing mentorship and guidance to children in after school programs. I graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Education and returned to Los Angeles and joined a talented interdisciplinary (DIR/Floortime) group of therapists at Professional Child Development Associates. At PCDA, our staff included Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Psychologists, Dieticians, Feeding Therapists and a Developmental Pediatrician that worked together to best support families and children with a wide range of individual needs.  


After gaining valuable field experience working under a DIR (Developmental-Individual Difference-Relationship Based) paradigm, I completed a Master’s Program at Cal State Los Angeles that focused on school based counseling and Applied Behavior Analysis. This program provided unique clinical skills in analyzing behavior and developing techniques to bring about meaningful and positive change in behavior. I am now continuing my education as I am currently enrolled in an Educational Therapist Program at UC Riverside.    


Professional Development is a critical component for myself and my team of staff.  As a professional in the field of education, I strive to continue my growth and maintain connections in the field, networking with a wide range of multidisciplinary specialists.  I am an Intermediate DIR/Floortime provider (listed on the official ICDL website), CIBC selected Consultant for California Inclusion Projects, a member of the American Counseling Association, a member of the Association of Educational Therapists, and working towards certification in the Social Thinking Program by Michelle Garcia Winner.  

In 2012, I established my company, Mindful Education Services LLC, focusing on the development of the whole child, including the child’s developmental differences, supporting challenging behaviors, supporting teacher/child interactions, staff growth and development and maintaining mindful learning environments. Mindful Education Services LLC utilizes evidenced based practices, such as DIR/Floortime and Applied Behavior Analysis. Our team includes an Occupational therapist, Speech and Language Therapist and Child Development Specialists. Our multi-disciplinary team provides multiple lenses of expertise when collaborating with teachers to implement best practices with evidenced based interventions and strategies.  It is a true passion of mine to support children, families, and teachers across a wide range of developmental needs. 


“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” 




My name is Denise A. Rugg, Early Childhood Education Consultant. I am a graduate of Pacific Oaks College.  I received both my BA and MA degrees from Pacific Oaks College in Human Development with a Specialization in Leadership in Education and Human Services with sub specializations in Parent Community Work and Teaching Adults-College Teaching. 


After graduating with my MA degree, I initially worked as a TA for 4 years in a variety of Human Development courses and then transitioned into a Senior Adjunct Faculty role at Pacific Oaks College for the last 14 years, teaching a variety of BA and MA level courses including the following:  Early Childhood Themes and Life Cycle Issues, Working with Children Who Challenge Teachers Skills, Educational Leadership Fieldwork & Observation, Therapeutic Companion/Behavioral Interventions, Therapeutic Companion Practicum, Intervention Models in Early Childhood Education, Reflective Teaching, and Working with Adults.  

I have worked with children and families for 25 years in a variety of settings, including child care centers, home-based services, community integration support, and within a variety of administrator roles.  I also worked for 13 years for a non-profit organization providing a wide range of intervention support services within the DIR/Floortime™ model to children (birth to 22 years of age) and families with a wide range of individual needs, receiving funding from Regional Center, School Districts, or privately funded.  This role included management of 8 programs including an in-home and community integration infant/toddler development program for children birth-3 years of age, an in-home and community integration social-emotional program for children 3-12 years of age, a socialization skills program for children 3-12 years of age, a teen program for 13-17 year olds, a young adult program for 18-22 year olds, and a sibling support group for children 6-12 years of age.  As the Department Head, I supported a reflective supervision model and training for a group of Developmental Interventionists.  

In my consultation role, I have supported the following: staff and parent trainings, observation/assessment of individual children, therapeutic companion for individual children, staff support and evaluation, reflective supervision, and curriculum development.  




Holly Charlton, OTR/L has over 40 years as occupational therapist with the past 19 years  specializing in pediatrics providing services to children in clinic and school-based settings. She currently has a private practice, working with children in their homes and in  preschools. Her area of specialty includes working with children autism spectrum  disorder (ASD), sensory integration and sensory processing challenges, and children with  developmental delays. Holly utilizes principles embedded in sensory integration theory,  the SCERTS Model, DIR Floortime Model, and developmental play. Relationship is key  while she guides the child in purposeful and meaningful activities that address underlying  factors contributing to challenges.  


Holly works for Oscar Soltero of Mindful Education and provides consultation and education to Head Start programs. She brings her occupational therapy lens to the class.  She observes and supports the child in need and helps teachers learn and help identify sensory vulnerabilities the child may be experiencing. Holly provides ideas and strategies to foster the child’s emotional regulation and social engagement in the classroom setting.

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